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Category Highlights

CloudJot (1.0.4)
CloudJot for Mac, Helps you take quick notes.
License: Time-limited Trial    Size: 2.2 MB 
  02/13/2019 Download Now

Resort Rental Tracker Plus (1.4.9)
Resort Rental Tracker Plus for Mac, Keep track of all your income, expenses and reservations
License: Time-limited Trial    Size: 11.7 MB 
  01/06/2019 Download Now

iFinance 1.0.3
Track your finances.
License: Shareware    Size: 533 KB
  01/21/2019 Download Now

Gazelle (12.37)
Gazelle for Mac, Provides access to an advanced point-of-sale system
License: Demo    Size: 82.1 MB 
  02/17/2019 Download Now

Clipart Gallery Theme (1.0.5)
Clipart Gallery Theme for Mac, OpenOffice add-on that adds four themes with more than 400 cliparts dealing with security at work
License: LGPL    Size: 4.2 MB 
  01/13/2019 Download Now

Data Loader CLIq (2.2.0 / 2.3.0 Beta)
Data Loader CLIq for Mac, Quickstart application for the Salesforce Data Loader Command Line Interface
License: MIT License    Size: 461 KB 
  03/09/2019 Download Now

EpubBinder (1.4.5)
EpubBinder for Mac, OpenOffice add-on to unite EPUB documents
License: Freeware    Size: 41 KB 
  01/08/2019 Download Now

Solid PDF to Word (2.1.51 Build 5841)
Solid PDF to Word for Mac, An intuitive and reliable utility that makes it easier for you to convert your PDF files to multiple formats.
License: Time-limited Trial    Size: 48.4 MB 
  01/08/2019 Download Now

Mini-Calculator (1.0.5)
Mini-Calculator for Mac, OpenOffice add-on that can be viewed in document results, calculated by the formula
License: LGPL    Size: 139 KB 
  02/18/2019 Download Now

Emerald Editor (3.1)
Emerald Editor for Mac, Open source and cross-platform text editor that allows you to open multiple tabs at once
License: GNU Public License    Size: 2.3 MB 
  03/04/2019 Download Now