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Demons and Thieves Solitaire (1.0.2)
Demons and Thieves Solitaire for Mac, An enthralling card game where you must stack cards
License: Demo    Size: 215 KB 
  01/18/2019 Download Now

Hockey Solitaire (1.0)
Hockey Solitaire for Mac, Play a hockey themed solitaire game
License: Freeware    Size: 13.7 MB 
  02/23/2019 Download Now

100% Hidden Objects (1.0.68)
100% Hidden Objects for Mac, Find the hidden objects and collect coins in this puzzle game
License: Time-limited Trial    Size: 154.5 MB 
  01/20/2019 Download Now

Zatacka (1.0)
Zatacka for Mac, Avoid your opponents and win
License: Freeware    Size: 32 KB 
  01/27/2019 Download Now

Mastermind Solver (1.0)
Mastermind Solver for Mac, Mastermind puzzle solver written in Java
License: Freeware    Size: 1 KB 
  01/04/2019 Download Now

SWTOR - JCounter (1.0.0 Alpha)
SWTOR - JCounter for Mac, Calculate damage in Star Wars: The Old Republic game
License: Freeware    Size: 44 KB 
  03/09/2019 Download Now

MCModder (1.8)
MCModder for Mac, Utility to install Minecraft mods
License: Freeware    Size: 142 KB 
  03/09/2019 Download Now

Rescue Frenzy (1.0)
Rescue Frenzy for Mac, Use your time management skills to coordinate a rescue team and complete a wide variety of tasks in order to rescue cute animals and stranded citizens
License: Time-limited Trial    Size: 243.4 MB 
  01/26/2019 Download Now

Nihilumbra (1.2)
Nihilumbra for Mac, An unusual and intriguing casual indie game where you change the world around you by controlling a void creature and using special powers
License: Demo    Size: 246.4 MB 
  01/19/2019 Download Now

Delicious - Emily's Honeymoon Cruise PE (1.0.0)
Delicious - Emily's Honeymoon Cruise PE for Mac, Use your organizational and management skills to keep your customers happy and complete all pending tasks in the given amount of time
License: Time-limited Trial    Size: 387.6 MB 
  02/02/2019 Download Now