iTunes Tool 2.0.2 Description:

Tiny floating toolbar controls iTunes.

iTTool is a very simple application that, to some users, fills a very needed niche. Ever been working on something, and find the need to quickly pause iTunes, or the want to switch tracks, but you don't feel like switch applications? That's what iTTool is for. It offers a tiny toolbar which floats over the top of your other applications, offering a quick one-click solution. Why not just use the iTunes Dock Menu / Control Strip Menu? If that's good enough for you, then by all means continue to use it. iTTool isn't for everyone, and a large number of people find it to be a waste of bandwidth, but a select group love the single click option. Using the menu requires either a click and hold or a control click to bring up, and then you have to scroll up and select the option you want. iTTool simplifies that to just one click. iTunes shrinks down to a pretty small window on it's own already! That's true, but that window doesn't float over other windows, and isn't nearly as small as iTTool's toolbar pallet. Even at it's largest expanded form, iTTool is only a 112x40 pixel window, compaired to the 130x50 window that iTunes has for it's minimum. iTTool's pallet can even be shrunken down to a measily 30x15 pixel window. That's an extreemly small space on your desktop. iTTool is a free program to use, and can be distributed as you please. If you would like to make a donation towards the development of iTunes Tool

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Last Updated: 01/01/2019
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