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1 - Adventure Elf  1.0
Frank and all his other penguin pals have raided Santa's sleigh. Itís up to Oliver the Elf, to find those gifts and return them back to the Kringle Toy Factory so Santa can make his deliveries.
License: Demo    OS: Mac OS X    Size: 5.1 MB
02/10/2019 Download Now

2 - Arithmetiles  1.0
Discover the secrets of Arithmetiles. Create as many Arithmetile combinations as possible before time runs out. Beat the clock and advance to an entirely different puzzle.
License: Demo    OS: Mac OS X    Size: 3.8 MB
02/22/2019 Download Now

3 - BADABOOM  1.0
Get ready for some explosive fun! See how many pieces you can clear before the time runs out! Awesome SFX, colorful explosions, new trix, and a rotating game board that will cause the game pieces to tumble around make this game a real blast.
License: Demo    OS: Mac OS X    Size: 3.9 MB
01/04/2019 Download Now

4 - Big Tut  1.0
This is your chance to explore Big Tut's Tomb! Use dynamite and other tricks to get of jams and uncover Tut's treasures. But watch out for Big Tut's ghost - he wants his treasure back!
License: Shareware    OS: Mac OS X    Size: 9.5 MB
02/14/2019 Download Now

5 - Blow Stuff Up  1.0
Talk about mind control! Concentrate to keep the reticle in the green inner circle in order to blow stuff up! Keep the reticle in the circle for the allotted time on the Explodotron progress meter, and move on to the next round to blow up more fruit.
License: Freeware    OS: Mac OS X    Size: 8.1 MB
01/17/2019 Download Now

6 - Bubble Bop  1.03
Simon has discovered where K.T. keeps her Secret Bubble Bath formula and has taken upon himself to use it in his secret lair. Help K.T. recapture the floating bubbles before he uses them all up.
License: Freeware    OS: Mac OS X    Size: 3.7 MB
01/02/2019 Download Now

7 - California Political Circus  1.0
Witness the celebrity packed mudslinging event of the year! Plant your votes on the faces of these Governor hopefuls: Hollywood action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gary Colemen, comedian Gallagher, Hustler Larry Flynt, and Arianna Huffington.
License: Shareware    OS: Mac OS    Size: 3.8 MB
01/25/2019 Download Now

8 - Carnival Jackpot Extreme  1.0
Get ready for more Mardi Gras excitement. Carnival Jackpot Extreme features awesome new 3D graphics, exciting new animations, personal scoreboards, save game feature and a huge full screen game play make it more fun than ever.
License: Demo    OS: Mac OS X    Size: 6.6 MB
01/16/2019 Download Now

9 - Celebrations Brand Mah Jongg  1.0
Test your puzzle prowess with CELEBRATIONS Brand Mah Jongg. Match as many tiles as you canÖthen share the fun with friends!
License: Freeware    OS: Mac OS X    Size: 4.1 MB
01/08/2019 Download Now

10 - Chicktionary  1.0
Hatch up some fun with this egg-citing word game! Unscramble letters and find as many words as you can in this egg-citing word game. Chicktionary is sure to delight, amuse, and challenge word lovers on the farm or in the city!
License: Demo    OS: Mac OS X    Size: 4.3 MB
01/01/2019 Download Now

11 - Closet Chaos  1.0
Every girl loves her outfits and K.T. is no different, except Simon has taken upon himself to rewire K.T.ís Closet Sorter 2000. Help K.T. organize the chaos in her closet so she can go to the movies.
License: Freeware    OS: Mac OS X    Size: 3.9 MB
02/10/2019 Download Now

12 - Dodge Brawl  1.0
Deliver devastating shots to the opposing Dodge Brawlers while defending your team by deflecting shots with your shield. Grab a 180 Energy Drink and slam it back to kick off crazy power ups, like refueling your shield power or speeding up your reload time.
License: Freeware    OS: Mac OS X    Size: 4.2 MB
01/19/2019 Download Now

13 - Evan Almighty Animal Sudoku  1.0
Evan Almighty Animal Sudoku comes straight from the animal kingdom! Try this version of Sudoku by following the way of the footprints. Your score gets lower as time runs out, so think fast! The game has three game modes and hundreds of puzzles to play.
License: Freeware    OS: Mac OS X    Size: 11.5 MB
01/14/2019 Download Now

14 - Evan Almighty Arketris  1.0
Help Evan Almighty with the Ark! The goal of the game is to clear all of the wood pieces from the screen. As they tumble down to the wood pile, arrange them in stacks to collect them for Evanís Ark.
License: Freeware    OS: Mac OS X    Size: 17 MB
02/24/2019 Download Now

15 - Flavor Shot  1.0
Use your straw shooter to fire flavor bubbles into your drink. Create clusters of three or more like-flavored bubbles to earn points. Donít let the bubbles get down to the blue line, otherwise your flavor-making days are over.
License: Freeware    OS: Mac OS X    Size: 5.1 MB
01/10/2019 Download Now

16 - Flip the Mix  1.0
Redís at it again! Heís come up with a game he thinks no one can beat. But he hasnít met YOU yet. Take up the challenge and get a high score. The more points you earn, the smaller Redís ego gets. And thatís a prize in itself.
License: Freeware    OS: Mac OS    Size: 3.5 MB
01/23/2019 Download Now

17 - Fowl Words  1.0
A new barnyard game between you and seven hens. Each hen bears a letter that you must use to spell as many words as you can before time runs out. Watch the hens drop eggs and then catch their expressions when you shoot the eggs back. A fun game for the whole family!
License: Demo    OS: Mac OS X    Size: 5.1 MB
01/10/2019 Download Now

18 - Fowl Words 2  1.0
Welcome to the Chicken Ranch where every hen is busy laying lettered eggs. You must spell the word that the eggs form before they fall off the conveyor belt. The bonus rounds are egg-citing! Unscramble the letters to find the words before time runs out!
License: Demo    OS: Mac OS X    Size: 3.5 MB
02/07/2019 Download Now

19 - Harvey Wallbanger  1.0
You're Harvey Wallbanger, the hottest dude to hit the disco scene. Show everyone what you have as you move across the dance floor, moviní and grooving your way into the Private Back Room.
License: Demo    OS: Mac OS X    Size: 4.5 MB
02/16/2019 Download Now

20 - INXS: Bang the Drum  1.0
Are you ready to rock? Bang away on the drum kit to the beat of one of the biggest rock bands in the world Ė INXS! Letís see if your speed and dexterity is a match for the bandís Jon Farriss.
License: Freeware    OS: Mac OS X    Size: 2.3 MB
02/24/2019 Download Now

21 - Jamestown  1.0
Grab your shovel and compass! Weíre celebrating the rich history and importance of Jamestown in this artifact-hunting game, Explore Jamestown: Dig the Fort, where you unearth artifacts while avoiding the many hazards settlers faced so many years ago.
License: Freeware    OS: Mac OS X    Size: 5.2 MB
01/21/2019 Download Now

22 - Kaplink  1.0
Drop, lock, and roll away with the win! Use your strategy and skill to outsmart either a friend or the computer in this snazzy game of match 4. Collect bonus gems along the way, and double or triple your score for braving the harder skill levels.
License: Freeware    OS: Mac OS X    Size: 5.6 MB
02/17/2019 Download Now

23 - KT Dancer  1.0
K.T. has entered the school dance contest and you need to help her out with the newest moves. Players help control K.T. in this 3-D dance game as they try to follow the leads from the DJ. Miss too many steps and you could find yourself as a runner up.
License: Freeware    OS: Mac OS X    Size: 5.3 MB
01/06/2019 Download Now

24 - KTís Impossi - Bubble Adventures 3  1.09
Help K.T. blast her way through a series of Bubble Walls that Simon has set for her. Blast through the bubble walls in order to clear a path to the colorful Star Coins. Failure to collect the Star Coins before the time is up will result in the loss of your Bubble Jumper.
License: Freeware    OS: Mac OS X    Size: 5.4 MB
01/26/2019 Download Now

25 - KTís Impossi-Bubble Adventures 2  1.0
While K.T. was trying on the latest clothes in the mall, Simon snuck in and released a stink bomb that knocks her out. K.T. wakes up to find that itís late at night and the mall is closed. Itís up to you to help K.T. get out of the mall without setting off the alarms.
License: Freeware    OS: Mac OS X    Size: 4 MB
02/27/2019 Download Now

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